Puck & Mary Curtis


Puck and Mary Curtis

Puck's Blog: http://www.puckandmary.com/blog_puck

Mary's Blog: http://www.puckandmary.com/blog_mary

Maestro Puck Curtis

Puck became a Maestro through the San Jose Fencing Masters Program in December 2008.

La Verdadera Destreza Site

An area devoted to our research into the Spanish true art of defense (la verdadera destreza) - a unique system of fencing developed in Spain in the 16th century.
Its URL is: http://www.destreza.us.


Maestro Puck Curtis, Maestro Eric Myers, and Provost Kevin Murakoshi teach a regular class on historical Spanish swordplay on Thursday nights from 6:30-8 PM: http://sacramentoswordschool.com/

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)

This is a Medieval/Renaissance re-enactment society. The web site - www.sca.org - provides information about the organization.


Puck is an advanced juggler and has juggled for a variety of causes and events.

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